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Kherbet Khanafar Club. Kinda hard to say, right?

 Our co-founder Rose’s grandparents and their friends thought so too. So they rethought naming their newly-formed Lebanese-American social club after their village in Lebanon and decided to go with a much easier-to-pronounce alternative: Kirby Club. That Kirby Club was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1933 with the intent to preserve Lebanese immigrants’ heritage while fully embracing life in America. This Kirby Club tells their stories – and the stories of many Middle Eastern-Americans – through one of the oldest and most treasured vehicles through which we pass on culture and tradition – food. 

Given that we’re named after a social club, Kirby Club 2.0 (that’s us) is a social restaurant. We’re all about sharing, meeting your neighbor, and celebrating this village we’re creating together. We’re doing every day like it’s the mahrajhan, the biggest Kirby Club event of the year – FULL of food and dancing. Basically a big party. 

And you’re all invited. Kirby Club is a place where everyone belongs exactly as they are. All we ask is that you bring your full, vibrant self…ready for a good time.


Let us tell you a bit more...

Kirby Club is brought to you by the United People of Kebab, a collective whose aim is to tell the stories of the people who eat the many versions of kebabs that exist around the world.


Rose Previte 


Mike Schuster 


We'll see you soon!